Solo, ex-Bad Wolves, ex-Divine Heresy

"I have had the pleasure of working with Philip Naslund on over countless recordings over the past years in three different musical endeavors to date.

Philip’s creative contributions, work ethic and positive outlook make him a joy to work with in the studio. He is also know for his incredibly fast and reliable turn around when given rushed deadline projects.

As of today my greatest collaboration with Philip has been the Bad Wolves cover of “Zombie” which went viral on all major streaming platforms in 2018.

The song topped the US iTunes Charts at number one pushing out artists like Drake and Kelly Clarkson. The song as of today has gone platinum in the US and Canada, as well as gold in the UK and Australia.

Philips unique sound and ability to translate emotion through his instruments and programming have much of the reason why this song has connected so well. He understands my voice and how to appropriately match tones to compliment the song.

I hope to continue working with Philip for years to come as we have become find work colleagues and I feel strongly that Philip is at the highest caliber of any composer and producer I have worked with over the ten years I have been Living and working in LA as a professional recording artist."


Mr. Big, Racer X, Solo

"Philip’s deep knowledge of music, computers, and coffee always keeps progress in full swing!

Philip is a master a thumb-over guitar, which is my favorite kind.

Overall, a likeable cat, who gets it done!"


Smashing Pumpkins, Adam Lambert,

Grammy & Oscar nominated songwriter

"Philip is a born leader who does it all! He is a skilled musical director, dynamic live performer and gifted songwriter/producer.

He is an endlessly creative musician with a talent for knowing how to compliment or contrast any musical situation.

It always a joy to work with him and he is most definitely an asset to the Los Angeles music community."


Bad Wolves, ex-God Forbid

"I've had the good fortune to work with Philip Naslund on many projects for the last few years and his strength is really his versatility.

As a guitar player, he can lay down anything from smooth, understated acoustic rhythms to ripping metal guitar solos to snappy, groovy funk riffs, and all with incredible touch and feel. This deep understanding and appreciation of many genres serve his songwriting and production expertise as well.

Philip can fit in and elevate any track because he understands what creating music is all about - developing an unforgettable song with an irresistible melody while tethering it to a universal beat that can reach any listener, and performed with elite skill."


Former head of Guitar Institute of Technology at Musician’s Institute in Hollywood, CA

"I met Philip when he was a student at MI many years ago, and was immediately impressed by his focused and calm demeanor, and his friendly and likeable personality.

When I heard him play and realized that he is also a great guitarist and has a phenomenal ear for music and music production, I knew that he was a man for the future. I put him on my top-5 list for recommendations every time I would be contacted by artists or managers that were looking for the top talent in LA.

He certainly impressed Paul Gilbert through the work they did together. I am tremendously proud of what he has achieved these last years, and this is just the beginning! 

More power to you, Philip, and thanks for the great friendship!"